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Sharon Rachel Osbourne is a 61-year-old English host, manager and promoter. She is always appears with her dark-red short hair. Although she always wears that look, she is very creative to try different hairstyle for her short hair. Surprisingly, such few trials for each style can create different look. In addition, all of style she ever tried can always show her personality, mature and professional. Those kinds of styles are suitable for women who work at office. Then what are sharon osbourne hairstyles?

Overall, sharon’s hairstyles are simple and easy to create, around 20-30 minutes. If we classify her hairstyle, there are two types of sharon osbourne hairstyles, which are short straight formal and medium straight formal. One way to have a short straight formal is by creating short layered hair, which the back and sides are tapered into the head and the top is left longer. In addition, how to have a medium straight forma is by curling it, which the original layered hair is curled, pulled up and pinned to the head. It creates such up style hair. Another way to have a medium straight hair is by cutting it sharp on the top, sides and bangs, so, it will create a fresh and flicked style. For your information, all of those hairstyles are suitable for people who have round shape fa

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