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Luckily for you who live at St. Louis region, you can find so many branches of Fantastic Sams Hair Salon. The salon offers several services such as haircutting which start from $9.99 for any haircut, haircutting and styling for $5 off, coloring for $44.99, and facial waxing or conditioning treatment for $6.99. Do you feel bored with your old hairstyle? Wanna get different look? Why don’t you visit this salon and consult your best fantastic sams hairstyles with the experts available?

There are so many fantastic sams hairstyles which are always adjusted for each client’s face shape, skin tone and personality. There are some short hairstyles offered such as Bob and Pixxie. Then, there are layer and other style offered for you who has long hair. You can choose all colors you want; blonde, black, brown, magenta, etc., for your hair, or maybe add highlight or lowlight to your original hair color. You can also apply waves hairstyle for any types of hair, any color, short or long hair. If you want to come to such special occasion like wedding party, birthday party, graduation, etc., there are many styles you can choose. Fortunately, this salon offers its services not only for woman but also man, kids and teens. There are also many styles offered for them.

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