Easy Curly Hairstyles From Celebrities

Even celebrities are not always having such complicated hairstyles just as these easy curly hairstyles from several famous celebrities. First one is the Flirty Side Bun from Kerri Russell. It gives curly hair such feminine and pretty accent. Begin styling it by parting your hair to the side right after bathing then apply smoothing cream thoroughly. Once the hair is air dried comb the curls using your finger then create a makeshift ponytail. Use elastic band to wrap the ponytail then add accessories if necessary to this one of the easy natural curly hairstyles.

The second of the easy curly hairstyles from celebrities is the Full & Wild from Rihanna. The bouncy accent of this shoulder length curls are very nice to look at. Prepare your hair by applying moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. Right after washing the hair, apply smoothing cream then wait it to be dried by air. In half dried condition, apply curling cream then define the shape of the curls. To finish it simply apply anti-frizz hairspray all over your hair. Those are the steps in how to do easy curly hairstyles from Rihanna.

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