Easiness In Creating Swirl Nail Designs

Swirl nail designs look so great and fun to be seen. No matter what colors will be used, the swirl patterns are always interesting and catching attention of many people. There is a thought that creating the swirls will be a difficult thing but this is actually not true because the process is actually quite easy. The process that is meant here is something called marble and this method becomes more and more popular. There things that will be needed are nail polish in the desired colors, cotton buds, a bowl filled with room temperature water, scotch tape, toothpicks and nail polish remover.

Before beginning the process, make sure that the bowl is big enough and the water is truly in room temperature. Also prep the nails properly and make sure that they are ready. Fingers and nails must be clean and ready. The next process will be crucial and need quick actions. Dropping two drops of nail polish and then shake the water a little bit to spread the nail polish. Soon after, grab the other color and repeat the similar action. After all colors have been drop, pick a toothpick and swirl it. And that’s how easy the swirl nail designs can be created.

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